Top 4 Ways to Enhance Your Listings with Photography

Searching for the right tenant isn’t the easiest task. Creating an attractive listing requires a lot of effort – from arranging suite photography to targeting the right audience and maintaining brand guidelines.

With a long list of everyday responsibilities ranging from managing current tenants to maintaining the property, you probably find it difficult to allocate the time of day to market your property listings to your target audience.

As someone in real estate, you’ve probably even been tempted to take the suite photos yourself to save on costs and time.

However, not having the right mix of marketing assets can be costly in the long run, as first impressions are important and bad ones can miserably fail to impress prospective tenants.

Research shows that properties that feature professional photos receive 118% more views. At Gryd, we value the highest quality and consistency and want your properties to shine.

So, where do I start?

Here are the 4 ways to get your property listings to stand out.

01 Optimize Your Lighting

Weather and timing are key factors that can make or break your photos. Try to schedule your shoot for the late day, avoiding when it’s sunniest. Scheduling your photos with sufficient natural light will create stunning images that aren’t under or over-exposed.

02 Create a Standard Shot List

Being faced with limited time, you will want to create a shot list to increase efficiency in capturing each suite. While each suite is vastly different, having set guidelines surrounding the number of shots, angles, and rooms you want is extremely helpful as a point of reference.

03 Highlight Your Favourite Spots

Separating yourself from the crowd is a must to fill those listings! Prospective tenants want to know what makes your property unique and understand the features that benefit them. Be sure to show off special features like floor-length windows, gyms, and walk-in closets to catch your viewers’ eye and secure tenants.

04 Utilize Post-Production

While preparation is key, not everything will go right during the shoot and that’s okay!

Using editing software after capturing your property is a great way to ensure that you get the exact image you want. Play around with the contrast, highlights, and temperatures to correct any imperfections. Over time, editing will become second nature and you will create a pre-set photo edit for every shot.

Next Steps

Having a high quality listing is vital to your success as a real-estate professional.

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