NEWS: Exclusive Partnership between EQ3 & Gryd Brings 3D Virtual Commerce Technology to North America

Over the last year, our team has been busy developing new ways to optimize the rental experience in a digital world.

We are excited to announce our first exclusive partnership with EQ3, the leading retailer of premium furniture and home goods. Through our partnership, we are introducing the latest in PropTech innovation: Space Designer and 3D V-Commerce Tours

Together, these two technologies bring forward a new end-to-end virtual experience for tenants and consumers. 

Customize Your Own Space with Space Designer

Our Space Designer tool is a valuable planning resource for real estate owners and property managers to show prospective tenants how they can design their living space.

By converting 2D floor plans and virtual tours into interactive 3D models, Space Designer allows prospective tenants to visualize how they would like to design their future home, giving users the ability to drag and drop EQ3 furniture assets anywhere in a room to see how pieces will look and fit.

At the click of a button, users can view their designs in a 3D model in an all new immersive experience. This level of flexibility and customization is crucial in helping people visualize what their future home could look like. 

Screenshot of the space designer application

Enhance 3D Tours with V-Commerce Integration

3D V-Commerce Tours is a new solution that will integrate our virtual staging technology with EQ3’s curated collection of furniture. In collaboration with 3D-visualization company, Cylindo, the unique platform allows users to view available spaces virtually staged with high-end EQ3 furniture assets and give them the ability to purchase that furniture through the use of e-commerce tags within the virtual tour. 

This innovative new platform will provide users with a unique and interactive way to view and purchase furniture. The combination of virtual staging and e-commerce will allow users to not only view the furniture in a space, but also to purchase the furniture through direct links for EQ3 products displayed.

Utilizing the latest in virtual reality technology, potential tenants will be able to easily navigate through properties as if they are actually there, while seeing how EQ3 pieces fit within them. 

This cutting-edge technology is poised to revolutionize the real estate industry after a successful launch at Two Avenue Road, luxury residences owned by leading global real estate investor, Oxford Properties.

Next Steps

At Gryd, we are committed to helping you enhance your listings through technology.  We are the leading provider of media and marketing solutions, including virtual staging, in the Canadian PropTech Market. Contact us today to expand your digital presence!

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