Gryd Optimizes Real Estate Assets for Property Owners

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Earlier this month, Google Canada announced participants of their 2023 Google for Startups Accelerator Canada program.

Five financial technology firms were selected for the cohort.

Of the five, four are based in Toronto, which is Canada’s largest fintech cluster and among the most formidable worldwide.

The geographical standout on the list is Gryd, a property technology startup headquartered in Winnipeg.

Founded in 2016, the Manitoba prop-tech has developed a suite of products and services designed to deliver increased efficiencies, increased asset value, and reduced costs to property owners, managers, and REITs nationwide.

“We strive to design products that create and capture value for our clients and their tenants by harnessing the power of technology,” the company says.

This includes 3D renders and tours, virtual staging, drone production, and more.


Gryds was built by a “team of innovators who grew tired of the industry’s outdated, cumbersome systems.”

“Our passion at Gryd is fuelled by the positive impact of our solutions across portfolios nationwide,” the company says.


GrydPark is another product from the company. The digital platform for property owners was concocted to optimize profitability of parking assets.

Gryd notes how there will “always be a demand for parking” and also sees a “need for more flexible parking options for commuters and residents.”

“There are 8 spots for every vehicle, yet it always feels like we can’t find parking,” the company laments. “This is the problem with parking systems in North America.”


GrydPark is thus designed to “help property managers and owners increase the profitability of their parking lots, giving them the financial freedom to re-invest in their business,” says Gryd. “Making use of existing parking inventory creates a new revenue opportunity and fills in a public need by providing  convenient, affordable, and reliable parking options.”

Maximize earnings by listing under-utilized parking spaces on the GrydPark marketplace to drive revenue. Then track and report on every aspect of your parking operations with real-time data.

“We take care of all customer service and enforcement for your spots,” the company adds. “Our proprietary GrydPark Portal allows you to manage spot availability and will encourage you to list during peak demand times for increased revenue potential.”

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