Case Study: Launch Coworking


Launch Coworking Space is a Winnipeg-based company designed to help remote workers grow their ideas through community, collaboration and collective wisdom. Launch’s existing marketing strategy lacked the engagement in a space as welcoming as theirs warranted. It failed to emphasize the energy and uniqueness of their physical space, as they relied on static imagery alone. They found it particularly difficult to engage with prospective clients in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and needed new ways to accurately showcase the value of their vibrant community-focused environment.

Virtually staged modern office interior with plants

Virtually staged modern office interior with plants


Gryd helped Launch to diversify their marketing toolkit through the use of 3D virtual tours and integrated video media. The immersive 3D virtual tour takes users through a virtual walkthrough of the space, which in turn allows Launch to improve the quality of their leads and strengthen their membership base.

The walkthrough features ‘pit-stops’ throughout the tour, prompting users to open video clips where a Launch employee discusses key features of the space. Through video integration, the 3D tour allows users to not only navigate through the space, but also learn what to expect, learn about noteworthy features, and feel safe with described COVID safety measures.

Launch coworking southside building dollhouse view

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