Capture Your Next Tenant at a Fraction of the Cost with 3D Virtual Staging

The way you present your property can make or break the number of tenants you attract.

With the rise of social media, consumers have become more hyper-aware of what truly constitutes an attractive listing.

To secure interest, property managers need to understand the demographic, taste and style of their desired tenant to design an attractive rental space accordingly.

Why does staging matter?

Aesthetically furnished units allow potential buyers to see your unit as their next space.

Staging greatly aids real estate sales efforts, with 83% percent of tenants saying that staged units made it easier for them to visualize the property as their future home.

With the right media, staged units will stand out amongst the competition and add the “wow factor” it needs to be taken off the market promptly.

However, physical staging can be a time-consuming, expensive, and tedious process. Cue – virtual staging.

Physical Staging – A Trend of the Past

Traditionally, property owners have physically designed and staged units for marketing materials and in-person tours. However, the results and quality of the staging always vary due to a multitude of moving factors. The main reason for the variation is due to the repetitive process of redecorating, decluttering, rearranging, and adjusting to the light to capture the perfect media


Virtual Staging – A Cost-Effective, Efficient-Driven Solution

With the rise of property technology, real estate owners can now avoid the time-consuming process of physical staging with cost-effective virtual staging.

Virtual staging is a fresh take on interior design that utilizes advanced technology to digitally place 3D-rendered furniture assets within hyper-realistic photos or 3D virtual tours.

The benefits of virtual staging are endless, with quick delivery time and a variety of interior design styles. Unlike traditional staging, property owners are able to switch out furniture and decor with the click of a button to adapt to renter demographics and preferences.

In addition to the ease and accessibility of virtual staging, it is proven to boost asking prices by 10% on average.

Next Steps

At Gryd, we are committed to helping you enhance your listings through technology.  We are the leading provider of media and marketing solutions, including virtual staging, in the Canadian PropTech Market. Contact us today to expand your digital presence!

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