As first-timers at AIM 2024, here are our top 4 insights.

Our 4 major insights from our first AIM conference.

So, we just got back from AIM Conf 2024, and wow, what a whirlwind of connections, insights, and more than a few happy hours. Here’s our 4 major takeways that are going to help your team and ours level up in AIM 2025.

1. Organic Connections for the Win

Turns out, a big portion of our booth traffic came from visitors, but the real magic happened organically—40% of our best connections were made at dinners, happy hours, and even a pool party or two.

Pro tip: splitting the team across different events meant we were always meeting new folks, having real conversations, and learning names. Casual or formal, it worked wonders.

2. Canada 👉🏼 to North America 🚀

We proudly waved the Canadian flag while expanding our presence across North America.

The multifamily industry is a breath of fresh air—think open, inviting, and full of community vibes. People here were all about sharing trade secrets and best practices.

Competitors and vendors were more like partners, introducing us to companies that can definitely use Gryd’s tech.

3. Event Collabs and Swag = Major Wins

Events like the Barbie bash, co-sponsored by seven companies, showed us the power of collaboration. The best swag (USBs, pens, mints) and killer events (happy hours) draw in the crowds way better than offers or giveaways.

4. Offsite Events are the Key to Success 🔐

We hit up vendors’ offsite events and saw firsthand how they boost client interaction and brand visibility. Being where the action is—on and offsite—makes a huge difference in brand awareness.

Onward and upward!

AIM Conf 2024 was a masterclass in making genuine connections, understanding conference dynamics, and the power of top-notch swag and event collabs. We’re pumped about the partnership possibilities and our growing North American footprint. Bring on AIM 2025!



Thanks for reading, Gryd fam! Stay tuned for more updates and insights from your favorite PropTech team. 🚀

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