3D Media: The Future for Every Industry

Technology at the turn of the 21st century has made interaction between us and the world seamless, and physical properties have been no exception. 

In the property management industry, 3D media marketing surged in light of COVID-19, as approximately 80% of homebuyers are taking more 3D tours of homes due to the pandemic. This includes virtual tours, virtual staging, 3D floor plans, property dollhouse views, and virtual measurement tools. Thousands of business owners from coast-to-coast are using 3D technology to showcase their space and its offerings.

In all other industries, PropTech can support businesses in a wide range of industries by fostering more effective operations, marketing & sales units.



Architecture, Construction and Engineering

Engineer or building developer laying out a property map with 3D technology

The architecture, construction, and engineering sectors all typically conduct processes in which several drafts, pictures, measurements must be recorded before the final product is complete. 

3D media can help to streamline project documentation, collaboration among employees, and in reviewing projects.

3D media today can provide measurements, aerial views, and pre-development modeling so that project managers can have a better view of the space. These 3D media features can help organizations to create more effective communication channels, save time, cut costs, and allow for easier access to information from past and present projects.

Office & Commercial

Time is money. Many prospects can’t or won’t take the time to travel to see an office space in person several times over the course of several months. It can take days or weeks to schedule a visit, which is time that not many of us have to waste.

3D virtual tours can circumvent the time constraints that many businesses and individuals struggle with today. 3D tours can be accessed anytime and anywhere, allowing for increased visibility, reduced time constraints, and giving prospects a complete understanding of the space before they choose to rent.

This gives renters greater confidence as to whether or not an office space is right for their organization. Vacant, unfurnished, or unfinished office spaces can benefit through the use of 3D assets, just as ASH Management has. Their space was scanned and virtually staged to give prospects an idea of how it can be used, customized to their layout and design preferences.

Healthcare & Wellness

Healthcare facilities information desk

In-person visits to healthcare facilities could potentially put prospective patients at risk, with COVID-19 posing a threat to all.

That makes in-person tours rather difficult to facilitate.

Healthcare facilities may be physically out of reach and may require extensive travel time to visit. 3D tours can help those looking for a viable alternative to taking an in-person tour, which may take up time, money, and other resources. Alternatives to in-person viewings are vital for health and safety.

Hospitality & Tourism

3D Virtually staged image of a bed in a hotel room with GrydDigital.
Virtually Staged 3D tour of a hotel room by GrydDigital

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through technology, people are traveling and visiting spaces with intent above leisure.

Visitors aim to navigate online with a sense of purpose. The destinations they choose and view in a favourable light tend to be those which they’ve evaluated and put trust in.

The hospitality & retail industries are adapting to changes in the digital world with 3D technology, online bookings, and fostering a stable digital presence. The option for 3D tour visits allows for prospective participants to envision what their experience might feel like before they book. From start to finish, patrons desire to become more involved in their experience.

Educational InstitutionsSt Paul's high school front gates in Winnipeg, MB

While it’s important for prospective students to visit a school in person, constraints associated with travel may restrict schools from attracting top talent.

3D media can be that guide, acting as a digital extension of the physical property, using 360 panoramas, drone footage, and 3D in-classroom tours, to give students and their families the complete picture of what you have to offer.





A Future Focus

The urgency of adopting virtual technology has been felt in every industry in light of COVID-19. Although 3D media has seen its use climb largely in part because of the pandemic, the technology is here to stay.

The need for greater convenience and the digitalization of in-person experiences in all industries will continue to persist for decades, as both Millennials and soon to be Gen Zers will demand more interactive and mobile-ready content from the market.

Author: Cole P., Editor: Samantha K.


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