10 Tips for Marketing Your Virtual Tours

Have you invested in capturing a 3D virtual tour for your property? Step 1, complete. What’s next? Promote and market your tour online to increase visibility and fill vacancies. You want prospective renters or buyers to easily find and experience your virtual tour to increase qualified leads – but how?

We’ve compiled a list of 10 best practices for marketing and expanding the reach of your virtual tours online, so you can be sure to capture the attention of your ideal client.

A Gryd partner captures a space for the production of a 3D virtual tour. The tour is taking place in an empty real estate building in Canada.

1.  Share the Tour on Social Media

For platforms that enable link sharing, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, sharing the link to your tour will gather attention from your followers. From there, users will click the link and immediately be redirected to the tour page.

For platforms that encourage video sharing, like Instagram, you can extract a short custom walkthrough video from your tour and upload it to your Instagram account as a reel, post, or story.

Encouraging your employees to re-share the post to their story or feed is also a great strategy to enhance reach and garner more attention to your page.


2.  Bring the Space to Life with Virtual Staging

Is your space empty or in need of interior design assistance? If so, it’s the perfect candidate for our virtual staging technology. Stage any space with our life-like 3D furniture and interior design capabilities to bring it to life and allow prospective tenants to envision what their new space will look like.


3.  Insert The 3D Tour Link into Your Email Signature

The perfect prompt – put a link to the tour in your email signature to encourage others to view what you have to offer. This gives anyone that you’re in contact with the opportunity to see and experience your space first-hand.


Power up your Google My Business listing by verifying it online with Gryd. Our relationship with Google experts allows us to verify properties and listings in bulk to increase the legitimacy and boost the online presence of your property.

4.  Power Up Your GMB Listing

Rank higher on the local search results page by integrating your virtual tour within your Google My Business (GMB) profile.

In a post-pandemic world where businesses are constantly changing their hours, safety standards, and capacities, it’s vital for them to adapt and maintain an online presence. A verified GMB listing immediately sets a good first impression for searchers and makes it easy for people to find information about a business.

Don’t have a verified Google My Business profile? We can help with that.


5.  Invest in Physical Handouts

Seems counterintuitive, but integrating a QR code link into a physical handout is a great way to allow prospective clients to get a true sense of what your space brings to the table.

These days, photos on brochures aren’t enough to get a sense of how a property feels. Giving them the option to scan a QR code will immediately bring them to view the virtual tour from their handheld device, which is a more immersive, true-to-life experience of the space.


6.  Create a Virtual Experience at Conferences and Events

With a virtual tour, you can bring your space wherever you go. Allow booth visitors to experience your space via a special station at your booth – whether that be via an iPad or tablet, VR headset, or computer, they will be able to enjoy and experience a featured property from any smart device.


7.  Embed the Tour Within Your Website

With the embeddable iFrame code, you can add your virtual tour directly to your website. This is a great way to feature an eye-catching property. Be sure to tag and use keywords on your page for better organic SEO and SERP exposure.

In addition to adding the tour to the website, integrating accessibility compliance options for your tour will help boost attraction to your website. This includes adding a guided video tour with captions in both English and French. Accessibility integrations (AODA compliance) are vital to 1. Ensure all prospective buyers can experience your tour equally, and 2. Increase website visits and qualified leads due to a higher number of keywords embedded into the site.


8.  Embrace Paid Digital Marketing

Utilize Google Ads and Facebook Ads capabilities to promote your listing to your desired market through the use of display ads and remarketing campaigns. Digital marketing is a highly effective way to promote and feature your space, compared to traditional advertising techniques, as digital marketing platforms have the data and resources to capture the attention of your ideal buyer.


Screenshot of GrydRent interface, a search platform that utilizes advanced mapping and media technology to bring prospective tenants an immersive home-searching experience

9.  Post the Tour to a Real Estate Listing Website

For greater exposure, post your tour to a property listing website like GrydRent or Zoopla by adding the tour’s URL link to the actual listing. The addition of a virtual tour next to plain photos will make it stand out from the crowd.


10.  Create Email Campaigns

Have an existing email database of clients? Share the tour in an email blast with detailed property information. Let them know why you’re sharing it and what the next steps are – i.e. “We have finished our renovations! Here’s a 3D tour of the space. Come check it out in person at our Grand Opening!” This increases the hype and attraction of your property.


Next Steps

Interested in finding out more about how you can enhance the quality of your real estate marketing? Gryd is the leading provider of Matterport 3D tours and virtual staging services in Canada with a coast-to-coast network of Matterport partners.

Let’s work together to create the optimal digital marketing strategy for your space.

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